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Smart Rooms by Journey Sales give B2B sales and account management teams the platform they need to engage their customers and win more revenue.

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Industry: Computer Software
Location: Villanova, Pennsylvania, United States
Employees: 11-50
Founded: 2014
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Journey Sales compared to other Account-Based Marketing companies

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We're tracking 22 vendors in the Account-Based Marketing category.

Journey Sales is currently scored #20 in the Account-Based Marketing category, versus their competitors.  

The top Account-Based Marketing vendors that we are tracking are Demandbase, 6sense and Metadata.

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Icon Name Overall Score Customer Count Score Overall Traffic Score Website Visits Score DNS Traffic Score Inbound Links Score
Jabmo 16/100 36/100 17/100 -- -- --
AdDaptive Intelligence 8/100 -- 6/100 8/100 -- --
Journey Sales 8/100 -- 12/100 -- -- --
Celsius International 1/100 -- 1/100 -- -- --
Addaptive -- -- -- -- -- --

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# 2100832 / 6000000 * last update: Jun 04, 2021
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