Technographic Append

We provide technographic append services with batch pricing and no minimum costs.

Send us a XLS or CSV file containing a list of domains (ex., and we'll send you back a list of all of the web technologies used on that website.

What are technographics?

Technographics are information about what technologies are used by a company.

Unlike firmographics, which provide company details like employee count, industry, year founded, website, headquarters location, etc, technographics return information on what technologies are used by that company.

An example of technographic data would be for a company like National Public Radio (, we can tell you that NPR uses technologies like Google Ads & Facebook Ads for advertising, Shopify for ecommerce, Stripe for payments and Chartbeat for web analytics - just to name a few. You can view the full list of technologies NPR uses on their website on their SiteScore profile page here:

How does it work?

SiteScore scans millions of pages across the web to analyze what web technologies are used by each site, then we aggregate that data at the domain level to provide you a list of web technologies used by that domain.

How much does it cost?

We charge 25 credits per domain where we return a match - with no minimum fee. Credits start at $0.01 each and drop in price based on quantity purchased.

So, you can upload a list of 100 of your target accounts and get back a list of web technologies used by those domains for $25.00 or less, depending on how many credits you purchase at one time.

Our flexible pricing model allows you to append lists on-demand for your sales and marketing campaigns, or you can bulk append hundreds of domains using the exact same process with simple pricing.

If we don't have technographic data for that domain, we don't charge you for the result.

How to get started with your first technographic append
You can have your data append results back in just minutes with our online data append wizard.


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