Competitor Customer Lists

We provide competitor customer list services with pay-as-you-go pricing and no minimum costs.

Send us a list or XLS/CSV file of your competitors (ex. Hubspot, Hotjar or Demandbase) and we'll send you back a list of all website domains that are in our index that are using your competitors.

How do I use competitor customer lists in sales and marketing campaigns?

Having the customer lists of your competitors allows you to better target your email and sales outreach to those prospects.

There are two common tactics for using competitive customer lists.

  1. Address pain points in the competitive solution in your messaging. For example, if you sell User Session Recording software and compete with a company like Hotjar, you could use Hotjar's customer list to target their customers with a message like "Is Hotjar hurting your Google Core Web Vitals performance scores?". This type of tailored outreach will drive higher open rates on your email and LinkedIn InMail campaigns and boost your paid ad click through rates.
  2. Offer incentives to the customers of your competitors to entice them to switch. This tactic is often used in high-LTV industries where winning a new client today can mean significant revenue over the lifetime of that customer. A typical scenario here for a sales automation provider that competes with SalesLoft could be something like "We'll buy out your SalesLoft contract and cut your sales automation platform costs in half". Sending this campaign to SalesLoft customers would pique their interest - driving higher engagement than a traditional cold outreach campaign.
Where do you get your customer list data?

SiteScore scans millions of pages from hundreds of thousands of top sites across the web to analyze what web technologies are used by each site, then we aggregate that data at the vendor level to provide you a list of customers for any given website technology.

Do you have customer lists for my competitors?

Our dataset is free to browse and free accounts can view up to the first 10 customers for any vendor for no charge. Just search for your competitor on SiteScore to see what data we have. Some vendors don't require that their customers add tracking code or javascript to their website - so we can't provide customer lists for those vendors.

Fortunately, many MarTech, SalesTech, AdTech and HRTech vendors do use javascript, cookies or tracking pixels on the customer site to enable telemetry and analytics - so we can detect and provide customer lists for those vendors.

How much does it cost?

We charge $0.25 per competitor customer record returned. So, if your competitor has 100 customers listed on SiteScore, you can purchase that competitor's customer list from us for $25.00. There is no minimum fee. Some vendors have only a handful of customers on SiteScore, others have hundreds of thousands.

You can see the first 10 customers on any vendor record for free just by navigating to the vendor's page on our website.

How to get started with your first competitive customer list request


Email us at with any questions and we'll get back to you right away!