Real-time insights into the MarTech, SalesTech, AdTech and HRTech landscape.

SiteScore scans and indexes web technology stacks for over 1,500,000 top sites around the world to provide insights into top used vendors by industry, country, company size and website traffic rankings.

Website Owners use our index to discover what technologies their competitors are using to attract, engage and convert their customers.

Technology Vendors use our index to access real-time customer lists of their partners and competitors.

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We monitor over 6,500 technology vendors on the web, categorizing them using machine learning algorithms and tracking their site rankings, customer lists and display ads.

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We scan over 300,000 domains across the web to track their site rankings and identify their web technology stack including which martech, salestech and adtech vendors they use.

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Key Use Cases

For Website Technology Vendors

Access customer lists of your web technology competitors to build targeted email and ad campaigns using specific competitive takeout messaging based on their current vendor. Convert cold prospects into MQLs with more personalized outreach and turn your LinkedIn InMail messages into highly relevant outreach by calling out the common pain points of their existing solution.

For Website Owners

Find out what web technologies your competitors are using to attract, engage and convert customers. If you are considering a new web technology for your own site, easily find the most popular web technology vendors in any tool category to speed up your decision making process.

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