SiteScore Data Sources

SiteScore uses a variety of data providers to help provide our insights and market intelligence. Learn more about each provider below.


Tranco is a research-oriented top sites ranking hardened against manipulation. Tranco was built to overcome some of the challenges of other top sites lists, with an emphasis on reproducibility and a lower change-rate to provide more reliably metrics from day to day and month to month.
How to interpret Tranco rankings

Tranco rankings are based on a blend of rankings by other site ranking providers. These other site ranking providers include rankings based on website visitor metrics, inbound linking profiles and total internet traffic. Because Tranco blends these datapoints together to come up with their own ranking, Tranco is an excellent metric to capture overall rankings of a site that includes visitor data as well as inbound link volume and backend HTTP traffic such as SaaS services that may load data from the domain without a corresponding website visit.

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Alexa is a top sites service provided by Alexa, an company. Alexa's traffic estimates are based on data from their global traffic panel, which is a sample of millions of Internet users using one of many different browser extensions. In addition, they gather traffic data from direct sources in the form of sites that have chosen to install the Alexa script on their site.
How to interpret Alexa rankings

Because Alexa rankings are based primarily on website traffic from desktop, mobile and tablet devices - Alexa rank is a great way to judge the popularity of a given website in regards to website visits.

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Umbrella Popularity List is a service provided by Cisco Umbrella, a Cisco company. Umbrella's site rankings are based on passive DNS usage across the Cisco Umbrella global network of more than 100 Billion requests per day with 65 million unique active users, in more than 165 countries.
How to interpret Umbrella rankings

Umbrella rankings are distinct because they focus on DNS usage - providing a ranking that incorporates all types of internet traffic, including backend HTTP requests send via SaaS services. This should be considered a valuable ranking for web technology providers because, in many cases, their website traffic itself may be low, even though they may have considerable internet traffic to power their web applications. We think of Umbrella as a proxy to measure vendor product usage - which is distinct from website visitor metrics.

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The Majestic Million is a service provided by Majestic. Majestic's rankings are based on domains with the most referring subnets. This is effectively a measurement of inbound link volume to a domain, with an emphasis on links from distinct websites.
How to interpret Majestic rankings

Majestic rankings are unique from our other data providers because they focus on link volume. While Alexa measures website visitor traffic and Umbrella measures DNS traffic to a domain, Majestic rankings help us understand link volume. We think of Majestic as a proxy to measure authority and trust in a given site - which is distinct from visitor data or internet traffic. Some sites can be high authority without a lot of website traffic or internet traffic, and Majestic is the only data provider we use which captures this valuable slice of site rankings.

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People Data Labs

People Data Labs is a data provider we use for company firmographic data. People Data Labs is developer-friendly and offers an amazing set of features on both a free and premium basis - allowing us to display industry, employee count and location data for websites, while also offering premium services to capture more detailed company data and contact data for any given website for SiteScore's paying customers.

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