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Makes marketing more efficient through intelligent and easy-to-use automated targeting.

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Industry: Information Technology And Services
Employees: 1-10
Founded: 2012
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We're tracking 12 vendors in the Link Management category.

Splitter is currently scored #12 in the Link Management category, versus their competitors.  

The top Link Management vendors that we are tracking are Branch, Bitly and Geniuslink.

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Icon Name Overall Score Customer Count Score Overall Traffic Score Website Visits Score DNS Traffic Score Inbound Links Score
LinkPatrol 19/100 -- 20/100 -- -- --
RetargetLinks 10/100 -- 10/100 -- -- --
Splitter 1/100 -- 1/100 -- -- --

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# 4217025 / 6000000 * last update: Jun 04, 2021
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